Veggies & Herbs

There are few things that can be more rewarding than spending the long days of summer working in your own backyard vegetable garden. All the hours spent nurturing your plants finally pays off when you harvest your bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the biggest obstacles to getting a good start on a garden in Upstate New York is our better than average chance of having a cold wet spring. Without ideal conditions it is almost impossible to get a good jump start on your vegetable transplants. That's where we come in. We sow our seedlings in late February in our climate controlled greenhouses. This gives our plants at least an  eight week head start over Mother Nature. Our large selection of tomatoes and peppers are sure to please everyone. We also carry a full line of cole crops, squashes, cucumbers and herbs in all your favorite varieties. So come down and let us help you get a jump start on that backyard garden. You and your family will be enjoying your harvest before you know it.